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I Heart Africa Project

"The best book ever written on Africa"
- Ryan van der Linde
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I Heart Africa Project
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Nikki Lockwood

Nikki Lockwood is a New Zealand-based author. Her passion for researching supernatural, folklore, military, and history, and her creativity bring a unique authenticity to her writing. She has the knack for telling the stories of the everyday person in a way that shows incredible beauty and resilience in the face of hardships, poverty, and daily life.

"Writers and authors are consistently learning and expanding their craft. I doubt there will come a day when I can say I know everything there is to know. Do not underestimate how powerful knowledge sharing is to a writer."

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I Heart Africa Project

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Just finished reading this incredible book by Nikki Lockwood. A collection of interviews with people living and working across Africa. Nikki selected people in various fields and interviewed them then took their stories and put together one of the best books on Africa. I'm so blessed to be one of the people chosen to share my stories and images of my travels through my beautiful home country. Thank you Nikki for sharing my work and my love for the wild places in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. You have truly captured Africa in all its glory and this book will definitely put us back on the map as a tourist destination.

Friends and family, please grab a copy for a truly inspiring read and some stunning images from people across Africa.


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